Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

VR Possibilities in Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) offers numerous new applications for marketing. Above all, the unique visualization possibilities are increasingly being used for direct customer communication across all industries.

Due to the increasing distribution of end devices, a large number of different systems are available in the consumer sector, enabling the user to access virtual reality. Smartphone-based virtual reality systems in particular are among the most common solutions currently available on the market.

These possibilities are investigated in various projects through literature reviews, empirical studies and experiments.

Virtual Reality Overview

This new working paper gives an overview of some important aspects of VR:

  • Technology acceptance
  • Technical issues
  • Field report in connection with the production of 360 degree film material
  • Storytelling

Burg, S., Zerres, C., Israel, K., Heitz, B., Körner, S., Löhmann, M., Scheil, M. (2018): Virtual-Reality. Ein einführender Überblick, in: Hochschulverlag der Hochschule Offenburg (Hrsg.): Schriften der Hochschule Offenburg, Nr. 5.

Download working paper: Virtual-Reality – Ein einfuehrender Ueberblick

Virtual Reality Use and Acceptance

A large study on virtual reality (561 participants) examined, among other things, how the technology is perceived by users. Some important results of the study can be found in the following overview:

Overview VR study


A special feature in virtual environments is the cybersickness that can occur during the use of virtual reality systems.

The term cybersickness refers to signs of dizziness, nausea and general discomfort that could be triggered by the use of smart phone-based virtual reality systems. In a study, we investigated to what extent wearing comfort and ease of use have an influence on the extent of cybersickness.

Conference paper

Virtual Reality as Communication Instrument

Virtual Reality (VR) is an exciting technical solution for creating virtual worlds. The simulated immersion fascinate people in private life, research and business alike.

In the monthly cycle, renowned manufacturers present new VR devices and software solutions to make the virtual world even more fluid and high-resolution. The fields of application are infinitely versatile and are distributed among private media consumption, the innovative gaming industry and entrepreneurial applications. Virtual tours through production facilities and companies give the salesperson and the customer the opportunity to jointly view products as a visual object in space even before they are completed.

In the context of this working paper different technical possibilities of VR are described. The focus is on the presentation of a self-developed procedure model for the introduction of VR for communication.

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Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres - Forschung Virtual Reality
Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres - Forschung Virtual Reality
Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres - Forschung Virtual Reality
Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres - Forschung Virtual Reality