SME Marketing

Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The focus of the research field “Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” (SME) is on the identification and description of relevant marketing challenges and possible activities for SMEs. Current findings from research and practice are compiled. In addition, new developments are uncovered and / or specified through the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

The aim is to show decision-makers and marketing managers in small and medium-sized enterprises current developments and how these opportunities can be used. A further aim of the research group is to present practice-oriented recommendations for action that fit to the specific conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Extended Reality – Opportunities, Challenges and Examples for SME

Extended Reality (XR) is currently undergoing a rapid development process. The potential applications for companies are manifold and the importance of the novel technology is continuously increasing. In particular, the drop in the price of the required hardware is leading to increasing market penetration.

The publication is aimed for companies who want to gain an overview of XR and are considiring whether the technology should be integrated into their business processes. To make the decision easier, the publication provides information on key aspects such as the status of development, the project process and possible applications. Due to the enormous potential of the technologies, the authors recommend that companies should evaluate possible applications of these technologies at an early stage. However, planning and implementation always require a well thought-out and systematic approach.

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Web-Usability Guideline

A practice-oriented reference book and help for the user-oriented design of internet presences. As part of a master thesis on “Web Usability Optimization: User-Oriented Design of Internet Presences”, a Web Usability Guide was developed. This reflects the basic understanding of Web Usability Optimization and presents essential components related to practical requirements. The guideline serves primarily small medium-sized enterprises and interested persons as an orientation assistance. It does not function thereby as generally valid set of rules and strict regulation. The guideline consists of recommendations for action, which success and failure factors exist, as well as from an understandable overview of the elementary components with clear information, checklists and tools. Within this framework, design proposals are presented which contain the basic conventions of web design and the basic usability factors. The complete Web Usability Guide is available as a free download and comprises 68 pages.

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Online-Marketing – Use by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Today, online marketing is an indispensable communication instrument for almost all companies in order to reach relevant target groups. The numerous online marketing instrument offer many advantages, such as target group specifications. In addition, many instruments can be implemented with a manageable use of capital and resources. From the customer’s point of view, the Internet is the central source of information for upcoming purchases. Also for small and medium-size enterprises online marketing instruments can lead to a substantially more efficient communication with the target group. In this connection already with relatively little expenditure, by the purposeful employment of online marketing instrument, on the enterprise and its achievements can be made attentive. Some online marketing instruments  specifically open up the possibility of defining a clear regional focus. However, many online marketing instruments also require an intensive examination of the possibilities as well as the respective providers. In many cases, this requires appropriate know-how. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this often leads to the fact that the potentials of online marketing instruments cannot be fully exploited, as they do not have sufficient time to deal with the possibilities.

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Marketing Law – Guideline for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The aim of this guideline for SMEs is to contribute to a solution of the tasks to be mastered in the area of conflict between marketing and law, which many today consider to be the most important tasks of corporate management. With this in mind, the guide provides you with a comprehensive overview of the legal framework that influences marketing and at the same time shows options for pre-active action. The guide is structured in orientation to the classic canon of marketing instruments.

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Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres - Forschung KMU Marketing
Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres - Forschung KMU Marketing
Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres - Forschung KMU Marketing